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  Acai Action, 12ct 90ml each

When it comes time for an energy boost, you don’t want a pick-me-up that’s
packed with synthetic ingredients and refined sugars that give you a quick
buzz and then cause you to crash. You want natural energy—energy from a
supplement that’s packed with the building block ingredients your body
needs to produce energy. And that’s what you get in Acai Action™— natural
energy.* Open a bottle of Acai Action™ and step into the rainforest of the
Amazon, where one of the most nutritionally dense berries on the planet
thrives. Then drink a bottle of Acai Action™ and pour the rainforest into
you—the purple acai super-fruit was born from eons of evolution, and nature
designed it to deliver a rush. That’s why Acai Action™ juices your day with
high-voltage energy and endurance.* In addition to the amazing purple
berries, Acai Action™ features green tea as well as a natural energy blend
of guarana, and vitamin B1—the raw materials to give you a boost.* Acai
Action™ naturally ramps up the energy your body needs to function, move,
and think. It all adds up to an energy-filled, more focused day and a boost
in your metabolism. And unlike most store brands, Acai Action™ is a
non-carbonated beverage with all natural sweeteners and no artificial

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